Sometimes it seems easier to pretend problems don't exist and is that a face them head on and I pray the answer to today's email will encourage you to confront san with the truth of scripture and the love of the lord Jesus Christ.

Well this email comes from ginger and she says after discovering our son's negative views of Christianity in the bible he states he is a gay Christian and wrote that he does not believe it is a san he feels that he's homosexual lifestyle is normal and believes god will accept him can he get into heaven while practicing this lifestyle.

I'm glad you asked this question lots of people like to have an answer well if you'll notice the issues here number one he has a negative view of Christians in the bible which says he has set aside the very moral basis for living in that sort of god and he states that he is a gay Christian and he does not believe it is a sin that what is he doing he is joined by his beliefs and his feelings and so we have to ask is this are you going to be governed by what you feel about what the word of god says?

For example he says he doesn't feel like it's a san and he feels it's normal but i can say well you know as long as you have more than i have i feel it's okay for me to take some of what you have because you have more than i have and i could rationalize that on the one hand but the truth is that is not what god says so one of my first to do is get off of this what i feel business and ask the question.

What does god say about this and in romans chapter one his what he says in verse twenty six one of the strongest things god says for this reason god gave them over to degrading passions for their women. Also women that are always searching how to be a cam girl in exchanged a natural function for that which is unnatural and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons.

The due penalty of that era now if you go to first timothy for example and the first chapter listener what the scripture says because we talk about what god thinks now what somebody else thinks what does god say about this ideas what he says i want you to see what the traveling companions of homosexuality is like he says and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching.

According to this glorious gospel but sir altogether then i want you to go if you will to first Corinthians the sixth chapter and here is the question in the ninth verse do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of god do not be deceived neither fornicators nor adulterers nor effeminate nor homosexuals nor thieves know the covetous nor drunkards nor a violence no swindlers will inherit the kingdom of god now let me ask you a question does that sound like something that you would really and truly believe that got agrees with your lifestyle.

When in these three passages alone it is very clear god does not agree with the lifestyle of a homosexual then I would ask you this question and that is has this young man been born again police turned away from god's word and turned away from the things of god that he is saying he's horribly know what's he saying i believe god now agrees with me though.homosexuality in the usa

I have rejected the word of god either that young man is not saved or if he is saved he is totally deceived because god gives the power not only to save us but he empowers us to live a godly life and what is happened here is he has turned down this guarded life they got office and so what is turned down as the peace and the joy and rewards of it so when he says this in frustrations chapter six to answer your question can a person who is a homosexual going to happen if they have been saved by the grace of god yes but is he says.

They forsake that is they lose their reward they did not inherit what god intends not only that there is no peace no joy no happiness no matter what they say and medical research has proven absolutely unquestionably that a person can be freed from homosexuality if they want to for example it comes down to a matter of abstaining from Mr. elective it is just like any other single person would the person's a single they had the privilege and the power by the holy spirit to abstain from immoral activities.

It is a choice a person makes so mother his what i would say to you have the responsibility to love your son. Also, it prevents people on doing webcam modeling for the purpose of making money. which I’m sure you do you have an equal responsibility to be sure that you confront him with the word of god and that you do not succumb to making him feel good by agreeing that he is okay they just want others to do is to deceive your son and to agree with him would be absolutely an act of disobedience to god.

There is a very difficult issue to live in that situation you've heard the truth and he can be freed if he chooses to be free well remember god could use your email question to encourage someone else so please keep sending them thanks for joining us today on then touching until next week obey god leave all the consequences that him because that living life at its best it is a choice we make.

If we want god to bless we choose it and live by touching the world without forgot for people in talks with doctor Charles Stanley is a presentation of in touch ministries this program is made possible by the grace of god and your faithful prayers and gets. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concern.